Halloween Horror Sneaking To The Virtual And Real World To Scare People On The Holiday

New York, NY, October 31, 2015: Halloween, the celebration which is marked by hosting costume parties, enjoying horror movies, playing trick or treat and carving lanterns out of pumpkins, is most sought after holiday for the Americans. National Retail Federation expects the spending on Halloween 2015 may topple $6.9 billion and 33.5% of shoppers will send Halloween greeting cards this year. To indulge more users to spread the fear in the virtual world, 123Greetings.com offers scary greetings that are in vogue among users, who are sending ghostly cards to friends and family.

With 123invites feature, users can invite and surprise their loved ones at their spooky Halloween party to enjoy and celebrate. 123Invitations.com brings to its users free scary Halloween party invites including animated ones carrying thrilling and nail-biting experience.

Some of the most popular categories on 123Greetings.com, to choose cards from, are Happy Halloween, Spine Chilling Fun,Thank You, Bewitched Lovers, Spooky and Fun Halloween. Users prefer sending chilling and scary wishes over trick or treat greetings, from our mobile app. One of the trending cards this season is 'Treacherous Haunted House' where you can send mysteries of the haunted house to send shiver down the spines to your friends and family.

Arvind Kajaria, Founder of 123Greetings.com, says “123Greetings.com incorporates holiday customs with fun and excitement. As our online users are large in number, it gives added advantage to enlarge the celebration and fun. Our Halloween greetings come in a variety of animation mixed with chilling sound effects that can be customized and sent for free to loved ones. I wish everyone a Happy Halloween and hope they have fun.”

123Greetings.com offers over 700 Halloween ecards across 15 categories, for users to choose from.

About 123Greetings:
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