Executive-Studio Relationship


123Greetings is looking for an Executive-Studio Relationship who will be responsible to ensure good relationship with the existing Artists and engaging them to contribute cards on a regular basis.


  • Responsible for Artist’s engagement through online and offline communication methods (Social Media, blog, Email, Phone).
  • Manage and execute existing artist incentive programs.
  • Facilitate the uploading of cards by providing resources to the existing artists.
  • Responsible for improving quality of uploads through the teaching course and through regular assessment & feedback to the artists.
  • Analyzing & understanding the performance via demand supply report.


  • Increase in the contribution of number of cards sent through the studio as a percentage of the total cards sent (US & Global).
  • Increase in the average conversion of cards sent to cards viewed (US & Global)
  • Increase number of cards getting published (going online)


Required Experience

  • 3+ years of relevant experience
  • Understanding and comfort with online communication media.

Additional Factors:

  • Excellent written and oral communication skills.
  • Good in IQ.
  • Proactive and passionate about people.
  • Coordination across departments..
  • Understanding of Content.

Click on this link to apply for this job. Please do not forget to mention Preferred Job as Executive-Studio Relationship in the form.