5 Must-Give Gift Ideas on Friendship Day

New York, NY, August 02, 2013: Friendship Day is celebrated on the first Sunday of August with great enthusiasm across the world. Perhaps this day was conceived to underline the significance of friends and celebrate the special bond of trust, dependability and care between each other. On Friendship Day many choose to express gratitude and appreciation to friends by means of gifts and expressions.

123Greetings presents 5 must-give gift ideas to friends.

5) Friendship Bands: A simple handmade friendship band or even a virtual one can represent the special bond shared by friends. This can be given to best friends as a symbol of valued relationships.

4) Flowers: Flowers remain simple and evergreen gifts. They help convey feelings of affection and appreciation. Send beautiful August flowers to friends who are away, to tell them that they are missed.

3) Hugs: A hug may be the most underrated gift yet it may be the most effective. A big, warm hug can help express various emotions. In today’s digital era people can also choose to send virtual hugs.

2) Poems & Messages: Write a poem for a friend or a personal message and add in a friendship quote. Self made and customized gifts reflect the thoughts and efforts of the sender and are always treasured.

1) Ecards: Send Friendship Day ecards and personalize them with warm messages. 123Greetings.com offers an ideal medium to send ecards that include the above gift ideas. Its expressions will help reconnect with friends and augment the day’s celebrations.

Arvind Kajaria, Founder of 123Greetings.com, says, “We asked ourselves, what would make our friends feel cherished and special – is it the monetary value of gifts or the thoughts and sentiments behind it? We felt it to be the latter. 123Greetings.com is proud to provide Friendship Day expressions that will enable users to convey feelings of gratitude and appreciation while reconnecting with friends in a fun and creative way.”

123Greetings.com offers over 525 Friendship Day ecards across 12 categories for users to choose from.

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