Friendship Is A Blessing!

New York, NY, August 05, 2022: Life with friends is a beautiful and colorful journey! A shoulder to cry and laugh – through thick and thin this bond remains the same! To celebrate and uphold this spirit, Friendship Day is here!

The time spent with friends feels like a safe place where there is no fear of being judged. It is easier to be ourselves! Knowing that we have each other’s back, there comes a strength from within to overcome every challenge. Tying friendship bands has always been a beautiful gesture that marks the very essence of this day.

Letting our friends know what they mean to us is one of the best ways to celebrate. Near or far, old or new - 123 Greetings gives you a plethora of options to wish all your friends. Spread across 12 categories with cute messages, we bring to you quirky ecards to express an array of emotions and promise more amazing years together.

Friendship Day, plans have no bounds! Road trips and weekend getaways have always been exciting and spontaneous. Plan something similar with your whole group and have a great time.

There are so many things to do if you wish to stay in the city! Start the day with a wholesome brunch by the cruise or a potluck in the afternoon at home. Jamming session in the evening to bring back old memories and then hitting the favorite pub or lounge over amazing cocktails surely sounds eventful!

A calm and peaceful dinner with great heartfelt conversations sounds peaceful and close to the heart.

“Friendship is a blessing that adds color to our lives and makes it memorable! 123Greetings has specially crafted messages for each of your loving friends. It is time to express your love and let them know how thankful you are. Happy Friendship Day to all!” says Arvind Kajaria, Founder of

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