It’s Almost Time! Before You Get Engrossed In The Festivities, Do Send Out Passover Greetings.

New York, NY, April 19, 2016: No hidden Purim sweets or baby crackers in the diaper bag. Popcorn after the late night movies removed. Bread, cakes, muffins, all out. House checked for chametz. Tick. Shopping, cooking, taking out festive cutlery, preparation for the traditional Seder. Tick.

We all know how long the list of things preparing for these 8 days of festivities can be. However, wishing your loved ones joy, happiness and freedom need not be as taxing. presents over 185 cards especially designed for Passover. Ranging from traditional greetings to messages between friends, from general Passover greetings to simple Thank You messages, we make sure you find all your holiday greeting needs at one place, ummm site.

What’s more you can share the messages even while you take break in between cooking for the Seder meal! Our easy-to-access on any device, mobile website and app allows you to share greetings #onthego.

For our non-Jewish users, Passover begins at day end of April 22 and ends on April 30. The first two days and the last two days are the main days of celebrations, so do schedule your greetings accordingly.

Arvind Kajaria, Founder, wishes all his users a Happy Passover and comments that, “Passover is a celebration of freedom from slavery and of taking responsibility of oneself, your community and the world at large. So celebrate responsibly and enjoy the festivities.”

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