Words Fall Short When We Talk About Moms But Our Cards Don’t!

New York, NY, May 04, 2016: We often take our mothers for granted. We expect them to wake us up on time, prompter than an alarm clock, we expect that by the time we get ready, a warm breakfast is waiting like a diner, if it’s on her route, we even expect her to drop us to school/ college! But, wait a minute. Did we stop and thank her for all the things she does for us? Or it isn’t necessary just yet?

Take this day to sit back and relive all those little moments when our mind reader moms have made life simpler for us through their compassion, guidance and unconditional love and support.

However, when we spoke to moms this year, they had a different story to say.

All confessed to have made some odd mistake which hampered their relationship with their child and how they went about mending the same. Inspired by the sweet and sour taste of motherhood, our cards this year captured those very emotions we have grown up with. Those little fights and those big misunderstandings and yet that never-ending love. We honor these courageous moms who came out with their stories and helped us connect with our users on an everyday level.

To celebrate these courageous women, we have over 1,000 cards ranging from warm thank you messages to reminding moms about the crazy times you shared together. If your daughter has become a new mom or your friends are just experiencing motherhood, our cards are perfect for them as well. Like we said, words might not be enough to describe mothers but our cards surely are!

So visit the Mother’s Day section on the website and choose your mode to send our ecards. To make sharing convenient for our users, we have the 123Greetings App available on the Apple App Store and Android Play Store. Simply pick a card, personalize it with a message and #ShareOnTheGo with your family and friends.

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