Company Profile

In a society that has its foundations in the strength of interpersonal relationships, the technological revolutions of the 21st century has taken the medium of personal expressions to a whole new dimension.

Since our inception in 1997, our strong foundation in human expressions has enabled us to understand people, their emotions, their cultures, their religions and all that lies therein. This in turn has enabled us to extend our creative line of offerings to a whole new array of expressional deliverables.

We see opportunities in relationships. We're leaders not only in the world's largest celebratory events such as Christmas, New Year and Valentine's Day but also have established our brand in country, religion and culture specific celebrations. Our expertise continues to expand deep into personality behavioral studies, cultural implications, current trends analysis and societal understandings.

Human Expressions is the soul of 123Greetings. A string of creative ideas holds together this chain of specialized functionality to retain and enhance our focus on human relationships. Centered on our users, we conduct comprehensive analysis that provides a concise opportunity to prepare a master plan that accepts cultural diversity while incorporating the actions and happenings of an ever changing society.

The Internet requires on demand actions. Backed by the flexibility of next generation technologies, our strategy is to develop advanced global delivery models that are simple and secure whilst enabling us to deploy newer services to meet the needs of a rapidly expanding website. We're dedicated in delivering seamless real time solutions through our on the edge server technology that delivers content and services to users across many countries. The challenge for our technological experts lies in giving millions of unique users a media that lives up to its promise of delivering expressions worldwide.

Our advertising solutions are aimed at providing a strategic investment option that consistently delivers and is comprehensive, effective and diversified. With over 3,000 seasonal & everyday categories, that covers many different cultures and highest visibility during peak buying periods such as Christmas, advertising opportunities at 123Greetings stands out due to its reputation, reach and vision. Our result oriented approach, advertiser friendliness and support in terms of strategic planning and consultation help us provide our advertisers in depth insights as well as unique perspectives that results in an optimization of their campaigns and brand objectives.

Vision, focus and experience have made us a most sought after Consumer Internet Company. Our unique perspective of adding a dash of humor, with a dollop of emotion and a sprinkling of creativity has given our content the flexibility to remain eternal in a world idolized in dynamism.