Reasons and Seasons

123Greetings has been dedicatedly delivering expressional content to its users since its launch in 1997.

Our content, based on our experiences, has progressed to inculcate a sense of personalization that is specifically targeted to relate to our users on an emotional level. Our mix of celebrations depicts a world harmonized through the acceptance of different cultures and traditions.

Fuelled by strategic advancements and driven by the passion to deliver an efficient, easy and smooth experience to our users, our design has been functionally optimized to provide a clear view of the variety of categories and sections on offer.

Our home page is designed as a window to the world of human expressions. With a mix of everyday celebrations, special events and whacky and fun occasions, our users are given the power to decide and express.

The search feature has been specifically designed to reveal the most relevant results based on user preferences, keywords searched and even on the emotional aspect of the user searching for a certain occasion. Our events calendar is put together after conducting comprehensive research and is designed to include a wide array of events from around the world.

Our expertise has helped us leverage our knowledge of human expressions with the technological advancements of the 21st century to excel at adding value to our users' lives. With thousands of pages interlinked to facilitate smoother navigation, we've been consistently creating more opportunities for sending ecards relevant to the emotion.

Customizable fonts and backgrounds and an unlimited number of words to personalize messages has proven our ability to be the platform that reaches out to our user's loved ones. We understand the changing dynamics of our society and have created a flexible system to incorporate these changes as and when they occur.

Our newsletters are delivered to millions of active subscribers every week, who eagerly await the issues to catch up on the happenings in the world of Editor Bob and his family and friends. Having already established himself as one of the most popular characters on the Internet, Editor Bob's quirky sense of humor has brought smiles and appreciation to us since we introduced him to the world.

As we move ahead, an area of rapid expansion for us will be to continue adding more to our already existing repertoire of value added services supporting our ecards. We intend to continue intensifying our research and development initiatives towards emergent opportunities, based on our expertise of human expressional needs and aimed at helping our users attain a higher degree of emotional satisfaction.