The need to express is an integral aspect of human life. Our understanding of human behavior in relation to culture, values, religions and emotions has led us to the unquantifiable and unending area of human expressions.

Our focus on delivering expressional content has marked the beginning of a journey that has taken us around the world to cover celebrations most relevant to our users. The research and development wing has made a seemingly impossible task of customizing expressions, a reality by helping us relate to users from varied backgrounds and cultures.

Structurally, we're designed to incorporate the complexity of depicting emotions into a visually attractive product such as the ecard. Our content studios consists of multi faceted creative professionals that include sketch artists, cartoonists, designers, copywriters, and visualizers who together bring about a unique understanding of celebrations and depict the same through interactive mediums.

Our creative team has, through their lens, enabled us to see a world that speaks different languages, live different lives, follow different cultures and traditions and yet be unified in expressions.