Technology has the inherent qualities of precision, innovation and timing. Our technocrats have consistently designed and delivered flexible systems that have enabled us to deploy newer services within the shortest possible time frame whilst our users enjoy an error free website with top notch performance.

As an expressions website our focus lies in strengthening human relationships through creative expressions with technology providing us an environment that is reliable at times when needed most, flexible to meet growing demands and capable of catering to a global audience.

Our extensive knowledge of next generation technologies has helped us develop our global delivery model that has integrated business, investor, technology, user and advertiser needs to create a model that strengthens our base as we move forward to expand our services.

Catering to users in many countries needs a management system that standardizes delivery of content and services irrespective of geographic location or any other traditional barriers that were faced while delivering quality services. Our servers located around the world are remotely deployed and managed by our team of dedicated professionals who are committed to create a stable, efficient and scalable technological environment.

During our peak season, beginning from Halloween and Thanksgiving and ending with Valentine's Day, our systems are designed to create, store and deliver on user demand. Our on the edge server technology has ensured no downtime which in turn has accomplished our highest priority of seeing that our users are not disappointed either on content, speed, efficiency or performance.