With the Internet, came the opportunity to celebrate strategy, innovation and excellence. In a dynamic environment that holds no limits on human imagination, it is possible to reach out to users across countries, cultures and beyond traditional boundaries. At 123Greetings, we've specifically designed user centric and employee friendly systems that have resulted in efficient work flow processes, an open culture that emphasizes on learning, automated processes, better productivity and reliability through standardization.

Our fundamentals are our people. With flexibility inherently inculcated into our employee management systems, talent is given the perfect platform to outshine the rest. We've also, through our principles of work culture, ensured that mediocrity is avoided while true value additions are identified and nurtured.

With a global presence and a family of committed employees, a centralized philosophy of action now has helped us develop and implement management decisions through which expertise is enhanced, knowledge is spread, user needs are understood and expectations are exceeded through unmatched quality.

As a consumer based Internet Company focused primarily on human expressions, we've transformed a regular place of work to make it a melting pot of cultures from around the world that defines human relationships through online content. Such an environment needs the freedom to innovative and the space for personal growth whilst keeping the system dynamic and ready to set new standards in the world of online expressions. believes in the power of the youth and retains a youthful exuberance that is required for an organization that has dynamicity as one of its value drivers.

We are an equal opportunity employer and believe that given the right support to all our employees will excel to being the best in what they do. Our teams are versatile, dynamic and talented and have established within themselves the coherent passion to reach higher levels of creative excellence, which is indispensable in the pursuance of a shared dream. Our employees are passionate about the company's future and believe in the common goal. Aware of their own contribution towards the achievement of the same, they set up their own personal and team objectives in sync with the company's vision.

As we continue to grow and evolve, our family grows along. Each individual in this company adds a little bit of their own to give 123Greetings a unique and diversified character that is hard to describe. It is this uniqueness that gives us a competitive edge over the others in this dynamically changing environment. It is our endeavor to provide each employee with the creative space to grow as a professional as well as an individual.