123Greetings believes in providing value to its employees. In a world governed by the complications of modern day life, we understand the importance of taking the responsibility of specific employee related needs. In our endeavor to justifiably cover these responsibilities in an effective manner, we have innovative benefits packages that are not only relevant for today but secure a brighter tomorrow.

Our benefits are broadly categorized into four main areas that cover all the important aspects of human life- Health, Retirement, Vacation and Everyday needs.

As a global company, we recognize the need to standardize as well as localize our benefits package in order to help our employees attain a balance between their personal needs and their professional lives.

Apart from the benefits in terms of social security, unemployment insurance, disability insurance, health insurance, provident fund, medicare, state insurance, gratuity and bonus (as applicable in country of employment) we also provide benefits that extend into providing a source of learning to our employees in order to elevate themselves. Extensive libraries have been built, covering a range of books, CDs and DVD titles that range from personality development, communication skills and leadership to motivational strategies. Access to these libraries is exclusive to our employees who are given the liberty to use this vital resource as required by them.