At 123Greetings we've designed our systems to selectively use individual capabilities to add to the overall contribution of productivity. The systems have been developed keeping in mind that we are all passionate beings with a mind that knows no boundaries given the right direction and circumstance.

Excellence, for us, comes when our employees are passionate about what they do. Targets are only a means to gauge capabilities on a scale that has no limits and works on the principles of maximizing output through innovative techniques.

As an organization with a young workforce, we place special emphasis on learning as a means to grow beyond expectations. Knowledge is comprehensive power and individuals with a perpetual learning curve will find a place here that suits their career growth.

Our training and development divisions constantly seek to enhance the level of expertise within the organization through innovative training calendars that have been designed with the actuality of introspection and understanding.

Rewards for us come in the satisfaction of our users with our production of expressional deliverables. Our performance management systems have been intricately designed to be centered on our user needs and have consistently delivered results till date. Promotions, appraisals and other benefits are just a means to an end with our ultimate goals being user satisfaction, business success and quality services.