Business Model

The rapidly increasing impact of the Internet on our daily lives has provided a platform that redefines the boundaries of interactive advertising. While traditional media assured mass reach among target users, in this age of online advertising, the power to customize campaigns and target specific consumers is what our credo is all about.

Our advertising options are not designed as an alternative to traditional forms of promotion; it is in fact developed to be an important aspect of any advertisers' marketing strategy. Having registered a consistent growth in terms of user reach, our programs are specifically designed to customize and deliver.

Over the years we've developed effective mediums such as an email based Database Marketing program and a visual based Media Sales program, to strengthen our delivery and distribution systems to reach out to specific target user groups.

User behavior based specific target marketing is an integral feature of our business model. While Internet marketing and advertising, as a phenomenon, has come of age, we have designed our systems to map our users on a cultural, geographical and emotional scale to provide our advertisers with the unique opportunity to inculcate our analysis to align with their overall objectives.

Our user analysis, based on models of social psychology, helps us create awareness among our advertisers that will help them to establish a personal connection with their prospective customers. This in turn leads to unprecedented growth in terms of user reach, product identification and creating a brand ideology.

Adapting modern technology, to carry our content, is one of our main areas of focus. While text messaging capabilities have moved on to being a necessity, other forms of influential expressional connectivity include mobile content such as downloadable ring tones and wallpapers, MMS capability and full length MP3 clips. Our Research and Development team is in the process of designing our systems to inculcate these features to suit the needs of our users and help them express in a command, control and decide environment.

To know more about our advertising programs and other available opportunities with 123Greetings, please visit our Media Kit section.