123Greetings Launches 'Connect'

New York, NY, June 7, 2010 - Indulge and associate yourself now with the latest feature 'Connect' added to the 123greetings.com website. 123greetings.com, one of the world’s largest ecard site makes it their business to keep people connected and send ecards easily, which is what makes this latest feature so exciting!

On the bottom right hand side of the 123greetings.com website is a new '123Greetings Connect' box, which is set to enhance the user experience. By signing up with Connect at http://www.123greetings.com/connect/ users have the ability to import and store unlimited contacts from Yahoo! Mail, Gmail, Hotmail, Outlook Express, etc., making access to their personal Address Book from anywhere in the world. Once the contacts are in the Address Book, users can easily set their contacts’ birthdays.

Users can then start receiving alerts before a contact’s birthday so that they never miss out on wishing their friends or family members. Birthday reminders are sent through emails maximum 14 days before and minimum 1 day before, and also on the day of birthday. With this ideal 'Birthday Reminder' service Connect becomes a portal where users can not only store contacts and their birthdays, but also wish them by getting reminders and by scheduling attractive ecards. Likewise, Connect will soon introduce 'Event Reminder' service so that users can receive reminders for events such as Friendship Day, Father’s Day, Positive Thinking Day, etc. Dates of many such events change every year, and the 'Event Reminder' service would allow users to capitalize on those opportunities to communicate with friends and family.

When a contact is added to the Address Book, the contact gets an invitation through an email to join the user on Connect. By accepting the request, the contact becomes a 'friend' of the user. An activity stream is then created as Connect displays feeds when friends send ecards or add new friends. Furthermore, through Connect’s advanced tracking system, users can not only see the exact status of the ecards that they have sent in the last 30 days, but also edit or delete ecards that have not been viewed. Uploading photos on profiles also makes the experience intriguing.

"Connect lets users set up connections with boundless number of friends from all over the globe and endless gamut of activities. With all the email addresses already fed in, coupled with our powerful reminder service, we believe our users will find this new experience thrilling and gratifying," says Arvind Kajaria, co-founder of 123Greetings.  
Finally, the best part is that the entire 123Greetings Connect service is offered for free!

To sign up with 123Greetings Connect go to http://www.123greetings.com/connect/

About 123Greetings:

123Greetings is one of largest electronic greeting card websites in the world reaching more than 120 million users annually. Since the company’s inception in 1997, their strong foundation in human expressions has enabled them to understand people, their emotions, their cultures, their religions and all that lies therein. This in turn has enabled 123Greetings.com to extend a creative line of over 20,000 electronic greeting cards covering a mix of 3,000 seasonal & everyday categories. 123Greetings' applications and widgets are available to users on Facebook and other social networks and blogs, which allow users ubiquitous access across multiple devices and platforms. For more information on the company, visit http://info.123greetings.com