123Greetings, The Perfect media vehicle for your Brand Campaign

123greetings.com, the world’s no. 1 e-card site is continuously evolving and making refreshing changes on their site to suit the requirements of their ever increasing user base.

The website currently provides widest range of online greeting cards for every occasion, including all holidays and festivals from India and across the world. Whatever the expression be, you can find the related card at 123greetings.com.

The site was launched in 1997 with a vision to be the final destination for all the expressional needs of its users. The popularity of this website has reached new heights in a short span of time and the site retains its top position till date. According to Comscore report, 123Greetings was the web’s fourth fastest gaining site (February 2008). The site ranks top in the search results on all the major search engines. As of today, they are among the top 100 sites in India. In 2009 alone the site had been used to send more than 82.3 million e-cards to the users’ near and dear ones. Currently more than 6.8 million e-cards are sent every month from this site.

Strategy to Provide World Class Support and Services for their Clients:

With such a huge audience 123greetings.com has emerged to be one of the best destinations for the companies to promote their products and services. With the emerging demands, Intrasoft Technologies, the mastermind behind 123Greetings have taken convincing steps to meet the demands from their increasing advertising clients.

One such move is the appointment of Mr.Vishnu Kanth Gokul as the National Head for Ad sales for 123Greetings. Mr. Vishnu Kanth Gokul has the prime responsibility for implementing the sales plan for 123Greetings and for bringing new clients from across India. Prior to joining 123Greetings, Mr. Gokul was the Vice President of Rajshri Media for Ad Sales. Earlier to that he had been with Sify Technologies and had managed their NRI portal, samachar.com for a year. He has also been instrumental behind the launch and success of Rediff’s P4C in the entire south region.

His unparalleled experience in various sectors will undoubtedly result into success of 123Greetings’ plan for reaching and satisfying the clients across India.

Mr. Gokul says, "At 123Greetings, we believe in the power of expressions. We believe in its ability to create memorable connections. Users visiting 123greetings.com belong to 16-45years of age group, which constitute the most relevant target audience for most of the marketing campaigns. Since the engagement levels of this age group (youth) on our site are really high, it becomes the perfect media vehicle for the marketing communication of any client."

Among the users, 61% are female compared to 39% male users. The age group consists of 17% in the 18-24 years group, 23% users in 25-34 years and 20.5% users are of the age group of 35-44 years.

Here are some of the highlights of 123Greetings visitor reach:

• Up to 7.5 million unique visitors per month worldwide
• 90.8 million yearly worldwide unique visitors
• 22.9 million opt-in subscribers worldwide
• 1.3 million monthly India unique
• 16.1 million yearly India unique
• 4.7 million opt-in subscribers in India
• Up to 11 million cards sent per month worldwide

User Stats

• Average user goes through 10.2 page views
• Average user returns twice per month

Why 123Greetings is the Best Place for Brand Promotion?

The site offers a breadth of opportunities by offering unique ways to connect the brand with their users which are beyond the conventional methods. This builds memorable connections between the brand and the users.

For Media Branding, the site offers Rich Media Ad Units and custom innovations along with Standard IAB Rich Media Units (for instance, 728x90, 300x250). You can also promote your brand through their Mailing Units. With more than 20.9 million opt-in newsletter subscribers this is one of the best mediums to promote your products and services. For mailing and newsletter promotions, the site offers the option to advertise on Solo Email, Weekly Newsletter Sponsorship and the User Interaction Emails. For the best customer experience, the site offers 24 x 7 Sales Support 365 days a year. With top class services and customer support, the site is One Stop Shop for meeting all online advertising objectives.

It’s about building enduring bonds and brands.

Mr. Vishnu Kanth Gokul says, "It would be my pleasure to offer most relevant media mix for maximum ROI for the client and to meet the campaign objectives. We are also open for innovation and creating special properties as per the briefs from our advertisers.

I am looking for your continued support by including 123greetings.com in your media plans."

With the huge audience of more than 90 million users, the site certainly hosts a unique opportunity for their clients to launch their brand campaign and achieve success through the same.

About 123Greetings:

123Greetings is one of largest electronic greeting card websites in the world reaching more than 120 million users annually. Since the company’s inception in 1997, their strong foundation in human expressions has enabled them to understand people, their emotions, their cultures, their religions and all that lies therein. This in turn has enabled 123Greetings.com to extend a creative line of over 20,000 electronic greeting cards covering a mix of 3,000 seasonal & everyday categories. 123Greetings' applications and widgets are available to users on Facebook and other social networks and blogs, which allow users ubiquitous access across multiple devices and platforms.

For more information on the company, visit http://info.123greetings.com