A Different Way Of Celebrating Easter This Year!

New York, NY, April 10, 2020: Easter is here! A festivity that makes us reflect on the various nuances of life. The Easter lily is symbolic of honesty and purity reminding us of the importance of such virtues. Lamb symbolizes sacrifice whereas the Easter eggs assure us fertility and rebirth. The Easter bunny is believed to make ritual visits to ensure the onset of spring along with new life full of hope.

The worldwide challenge of COVID-19 is making us go through transformation which is often symbolized by the butterfly which goes through metamorphosis before flying. The palm branches mark victory reminding us that tough times are not here to stay forever, ensuring us of our win over this tough time. Resilience and hope will lead the way to victory!

Instilled with positive energy and the ‘never give up spirit’, the Americans are celebrating Easter in a different way this year! All are staying indoors for a homely celebration.

Praying at home and explaining a passage of Bible to your little ones will be great! A good time for everyone to ponder upon and know that good company is what that matters. There is beauty in simple ways of celebration! We don’t need external factors for that! It can still continue as long as we are cheerful and hopeful from inside.

Cooking the favorite menu of the family members sounds great too! Serve the healthy and lip-smacking dishes to ensure everyone stays fit. In addition to that, have fun in baking cakes and brownies.

Wishing the close ones and keeping them in your prayers is the best way to stay infused together even if you are miles apart. 123Greetings.com brings to you a wide variety of options to send it to your loved ones.

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Arvind Kajaria, Founder of 123Greetings.com, says, “Easter is the time to start afresh! It marks the beginning of new hopes and victory. Share our ecards with your loved ones and spread the joy and spirit of this festivity. Stay home, stay safe and keep smiling! Happy Easter everyone!”

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