On Valentine’s Day, The Love Messenger Revisits!

New York, NY, February 13, 2017: 123greetings.com has been the love messenger for more than two decades now. Valentine’s Day 2017 will be no different, as people reach out to their loved ones through its romantic ecards. Last year, over 1 million ecards were sent for Valentine’s Day from the website, making it the second most popular holiday after Christmas.

Valentine's Day dates back to the middle age and trace their roots to a conventional belief accepted in England and France then, that on February 14 the birds began to choose their mates. Thus, February 14 eventually came to be regarded as a day especially set apart for lovers and deemed a proper occasion for the writing of romantic letters and the sending of love tokens. The popular roman god, Cupid is known to arouse feelings of love with his magical arrows. It is the time when the love messenger revisits.

The day is celebrated by more than 55% of Americans and around 20 billion dollars are spent on Valentine's Day rejoicing in different ways. Gifts of jewelry, chocolates, clothing, flowers, candies and greeting cards are most popular on the day. Couples love to plan a perfect evening with each other. Romance flows in the air and the expression of love begets more love, the ripple effect can be felt worldwide.

123greetings.com is a pioneer in making the perfect Valentine's Day ecards with the right expressions, words, elements and visuals for varied relationships. So, you can conveniently get those locked up feelings out there and make your valentine feel extra special.

Arvind Kajaria, Founder of 123Greetings.com, says, "123greetings.com weaves personalized messages which are delivered in the inbox of your friends and family, which they can enjoy in their own personal space and time. We also have sharing options on different social platforms. Valentine’s Day 2017 is your own so relish it by sharing affection and refreshing your relationships in the light of love."

123Greetings.com offers over 1,530 Valentine’s Day ecards across 19 categories for users to choose from.

About 123Greetings:

123Greetings.com is the world's leading online destination for human expressions reaching 95 million visitors annually. Its offering of over 42,000 ecards across multiple languages covers a mix of 3,000 seasonal & everyday categories. Its presence is ubiquitous with its Mobile App, Mobile Website and Facebook App catering to users on mobile and social media respectively. Its Connect feature is a relationship management tool enabling users to actively manage their expressions to both personal and professional contacts. It also operates 123Greetings Studio, a unique platform for artists, to upload and monetize their own ecards.

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