Celebrate Your Boss, Like A Boss!

New York, NY, October 14, 2017: Every year, on the 16th of October, we celebrate Boss’s Day. Originating in 1958, this day is dedicated to accentuate the bond between an employer and his/ her employee. It was initiated by Patricia Bays Haroski, all those years ago, on her father’s birthday (16th October) as he was her employer then as well!

How would you describe your boss? Supportive, helpful, true leader, loyal and encouraging are just a few of the words that one considers when thinking of their boss. This day gives you the chance to appreciate and be thankful for your employer as they bring out the best in you.

Celebrate your boss, like a boss with 123greetings.com as we have got you covered with around 200 cards to choose from for this thoughtful event. Send out warm greetings to your male and female superiors and wish them a Happy Boss’s Day or keep it informal and fun with our witty cards. Thank them for their guidance, dedication and for making you feel valued every day or tell them how much they inspire you by being a true leader, full of conviction and determination.

With an appreciation in your heart for all they do, wish your boss a Happy Boss’s day!

Arvind Kajaria, Founder of 123Greetings.com, says, “Boss’s Day is a reminder for each one of us to acknowledge and appreciate the leadership and assistance of one’s superior. 123greetings.com has fashioned an assortment of fun, inspirational and formal cards at your disposal, giving you plenty of choices to wish your boss with love and sincerity on this special day."

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