Who Cares About St. Patrick’s Day

New York, NY, March 15, 2013: The world seems to care about Saint Patrick’s Day as people from as many as 201 countries sent St. Pat’s greetings last year, and almost 20 times as many wishes were sent from outside Ireland as from within, at 123Greetings.com

17th of March every year marks a secular and international celebration of the Irish culture. It is no big surprise that the Irish Diaspora all over the world celebrate Saint Patrick’s Day with great enthusiasm in countries such as United Kingdom, Canada, United States, Argentina, Australia and New Zealand.

What might indeed be surprising to many is that people from 201 countries would send greetings and wishes on this festival. Countries as distant as South Africa, UAE, Philippines, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Japan and even Mongolia sent Saint Patrick’s Day wishes in 2012. This goes to show how connected the Irish economy is internationally, and how charming and impactful this festival is for people, especially the Irish emigrants.

On Saint Patrick’s Day 2013, 123Greetings.com urges all to celebrate the great Irish culture. Arvind Kajaria, Founder of 123Greetings.com says, “We were excited to hear about the continuation of Dublin’s ‘Greening the City’ initiative, and the ‘Greening of Christ the Redeemer’s Statue’ in Rio de Janeiro. Globalization of local festivals and cultures enriches the diversity our beautiful world has to offer. We do our bit to reduce inter-cultural barriers by celebrating over 250 festivals, including ones many might not know of such as Songkran, Samhain and Yom Kippur.”

123Greetings.com has over 400 free St. Patrick’s Day ecards across 12 categories only for St. Patrick’s Day for people to choose the perfect expression for this fun festival.

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