Over 150 Boss’s Day Expressions, To Delight 5 Types Of Bosses, From 123Greetings.com

New York, NY, October 15, 2013: Boss’s Day is observed to thank managers for their support and encouragement and to improve relations between employers and employees. Building a healthy relationship with bosses may be important to be productive at work and may also lead to high employee morale. 123Greetings.com understands the importance of workplace relationships and drew inspiration from Business Insider’s article published in June 2013, discussing different kinds of bosses, to offer customized ecards that are sure to delight them.

1) The Workaholics: These Bosses work around the clock with dedication and conviction. 123Greetings recommends ‘you inspire me’ expressions to please workaholic bosses. These will help express that employees are inspired by supervisors’ dedication and respect them for their work and continuous efforts.

2) The Traditionalists: These supervisors have set ways of doing work and have developed an expertise in completing tasks in a particular way. They are usually hesitant to accept change. ‘Happy Boss’s Day’ ecards are ideal for them as they convey warm messages in a simple yet effective way.

4) The Buddies: They prefer being friendly with employees and want to be well-liked. They enjoy team outings and bonding with employees. ‘Boss’s Day fun’ ecards are best suited for them. Through these ecards employees can share back some fun and lighten their bosses’ day.

4) The Miracle Bosses: They are ideal bosses who support, motivate and lead employees. They are rare to find, but if found definitely deserve ‘thank you’ messages for being awesome.

5) Women Bosses: They may fall under any of the above categories; however, they deserve a special mention. 123Greetings.com offers beautiful ecards tailored for ‘women bosses’.

Arvind Kajaria, Founder 123Greetings.com says, “We encourage everyone to send at least an ecard to their bosses. It is a great way to make them feel appreciated and respected on their special day. It also lightens the work environment while fostering healthy relationships.”

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