Women Express Their Love For Dads 70% More Than Men On Father’s Day, Reveals 123Greetings.com

New York, NY, June 18, 2015: Women are usually known to be more expressive than men, even when it comes to showing their love for the family. For Father’s Day 2015, 70% of ecards are viewed by women on 123Greetings.com. This highlights the fact that women freely send wishes to celebrate their dads’ special day, as compared to men. Ecards are not only sent by daughters expressing proudly that they are daddy’s girls, but are also sent by wives as doting messages to husbands for being great fathers to their children, and by women to friends or family, in support of their parenthood.

The findings from 123Greetings.com goes on to show the importance women give to emotional bonds therefore spending more time and effort in ensuring that the relationship is developed in the best way. Men too hold respect for their dads but perhaps don’t display it just as much. To help them translate their emotions, 123Greetings.com, offers ecards especially for sons to send to their dads among other Happy Father’s Day ecards that combine both informal and formal greetings.

Arvind Kajaria, Founder of 123Greetings.com says,“Fathers share a special bond with their children and tirelessly nurture it over the years. This Father’s Day, 123Greetings.com urges all, especially men, to express their appreciation to their fathers for all the roles that they play in their lives. Appreciation, gratitude and recognition to dads can perhaps contribute in strengthening the precious father-child relationship.”

123Greetings.com offers over 725 Father’s Day ecards across 14 categories for users to choose from.

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