Awarding Boxes Of Sweetness This Sweetest Day!

New York, NY, October 18, 2017: An obscure holiday celebrated every year on the third Saturday of October, Sweetest Day was formerly known as Candy Day. Stemming from individuals who aspired to make a difference in the lives of orphans and the homeless, this day is more than just candies and sweets.

Sweetest Day is not limited to expressing love and appreciation for romantic partners, but extends to friends, families and everyone in need of love and care. It gained popularity in regional areas of Midwestern United States, with Ohio witnessing the largest number of sales, followed by Michigan and Illionis, but is slowly spreading nationally as well.

The festivities of this event, just like its name prescribes, includes candies, chocolates and all things sweet. Add a personal touch by baking your friend’s favorite pie, send flowers and a box of chocolates to your loved ones and surprise friends and families with your choicest card from’s range of loving, fun and bright Sweetest Day cards. Carry out the small things that are a source of joy for many.

Arvind Kajaria, Founder of, says, “Sweetest Day unfolds an opportunity to spread joy and kindness among many. An array of more than 300 cards are on offer, by, for Sweetest Day, covering all your needs including love, flowers, hugs, kisses and fun. So, head on over and add a bit of sweetness to the lives of friends and family!"

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