The Spirit Of Hanukkah And The 9 Flames of Menorah!

New York, NY, December 22, 2016: Hanukkah is the time to kindle the candles of prayer and hope. The 9 arms of Menorah stand for selfless service, divine light, inspiration, faith, courage, joy, abundance, love, gratitude and wisdom. Menorah or Chanukiah is a nine-branched candelabrum lit during the eight day holiday. Every night the candle flame glows, a blessing emerges in the hearts for friends and family. Ma'oz Tzur (“Rock of Ages”), a Hanukkah song, traditionally is sung after the lighting of the candles.

The White House Hanukkah Party is hosted every year by the President and the First Lady. It was a tradition started in 2001 during the administration of President George W Bush. This year, it is the last one with President Barrack Obama and the First Lady Michelle.

Hanukkah celebrates the grit and gumption of the Jews of Israel, 22 centuries ago, who continued to follow the tradition despite of the condemnation by the rulers. The spirit of the tradition is courage and faith. Place your menorahs at the window and share the light of freedom with all around you.

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